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Stanton Nuclear Security Fellowship--Europe (2012-02-21)

January 13, 2012 - February 21, 2012
Location:Brussels, Belgium
Employment Type:Full Time
Description:The Carnegie Endowment for International Peace’s Nuclear Policy Program is accepting applications for the 2012-2013 Stanton Nuclear Security Fellowship Program.
The objective of the Stanton Fellowship is to enhance and develop the Fellow's capacity to become a leader in policy-relevant research in the areas of nuclear deterrence, disarmament, nonproliferation, or energy. Substantive knowledge of European security and defense issues is essential. The Fellow will be based at Carnegie's European office in Brussels, Belgium, with access to colleagues in Washington, Beijing, Beirut, and Moscow. Over the period of time at Carnegie, the Fellow will have the opportunity and resources to deepen his or her understanding of how nuclear policies are developed and contested within the U.S. and Europe. The Fellow will be expected to research and write on pertinent and emergent topics, to organize and participate in expert workshops and larger public events in the Europe and abroad, and generally to demonstrate the capacity to become a thought leader in the nuclear field.
The fellowship is a paid employment opportunity (remuneration commensurate with experience) with the full benefits accorded to Carnegie Europe staff. Interested candidates must submit a resume or C.V., 3 references, and a letter outlining career objectives and interest in nuclear policy, ideas for research and/or policy-relevant projects that would be pursued during the fellowship. The fellowship will begin on or about September 1, 2012, with flexibility depending on the chosen candidate’s availability. We anticipate this to be a two-year position.
Carnegie welcomes applicants from around the world, but the proposed research project must be specific to Europe. Candidates are required to have a Ph.D., completed a substantial degree of progress toward a Ph.D., or have obtained a law degree.

About the Stanton Nuclear Security Fellowship
Established in 2009 by the Stanton Foundation, the purpose of the Nuclear Security Fellows Program is to stimulate the development of the next generation of thought leaders on nuclear security related topics by supporting interdisciplinary research that will advance policy-relevant understanding of the issues. The Stanton Foundation was created by Frank Stanton, former president of CBS, who is widely regarded as one of the greatest executives in the history of electronic communications. In 1954, Dwight Eisenhower appointed him to a committee convened to develop the first comprehensive plan for the survival of the U.S. following a nuclear attack. In this position, Stanton was responsible for developing plans for national and international communication in the aftermath of a nuclear incident. The Stanton Nuclear Security Fellowship is a unique opportunity for a young scholar to explore how debates surrounding pressing questions of nuclear security play out.

About the Carnegie Endowment Nuclear Policy Program
The Carnegie Nuclear Policy Program is an internationally acclaimed source of expertise and policy thinking on nuclear industry, nonproliferation, security, and disarmament. Its multinational staff stays at the forefront of nuclear policy issues in the United States, Russia, China, Northeast Asia, South Asia, and the Middle East. As interest in nuclear power grows around the world, efforts to build a sustainable nuclear order increasingly will depend on engaging the nuclear industry, updating strategies of deterrence and security, and making progress towards the abolition of nuclear weapons. As nuclear challenges have broadened in scope and become more intertwined, so too has our research, analysis and policy development.

About Carnegie Europe
Founded in 2007, Carnegie Europe is the European center of the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace. From its newly expanded presence in Brussels, Carnegie Europe combines the work of its research platform with the fresh perspectives of Carnegie’s centers in Washington, Moscow, Beijing, and Beirut, bringing a unique global vision to the European policy community. Through publications, articles, seminars, and private consultations, Carnegie Europe aims to foster new thinking on the daunting international challenges shaping Europe’s role in the world.

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